State of Art Library

Library Rules

  • Every reader will sign in and out register before he/she uses the library & initial again before leaving the library.

  • Personal belongings such as bags, books hats etc are not allowed inside the library. They can be placed on the shelf, provided at entrance left side.

  • In removing books journals or dissertation from shelves the reader will ensure the remaining books, journals or dissertations are not disturbed on the shelves.

  • Reader will, under no conditions, try to replace books on shelves, they can at the most, replace bound journals.

  • Defacement or mutilation of books & journals is strictly prohibited . If a reader come across such a case he will immediately bring it to the notice of the library staff.

  • In taking books journals & dissertations on loan a reader will ensure that they are neither defaced nor mutilated. In case the library staff comes across such mutilation at the time of returning the reading materials the borrower will be held responsible for the same.

  • All books are kept in cubicles for reading. No books to be carried out side the cubicles for reading.

  • Journals will not be issued.

  • Internet to be used for half an hour only. No e-mail will be permitted.

  • Every reader will ensure that he puts off the fan & light before he leaves the library.

  • Every reader will maintain strict silence in the library.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library.